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Friday, December 21, 2012

New Journal

So, this is the end of Liam's journal. While I would love to give him his own spotlight, there is so much that he does with his sister that it would just be easier to maintain a single blog for the both of them.

So for future updates on Liam, check out their combined blog HERE! (there is also a link on the right side of this page)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday fun...

Liam works on Christmas ornaments to send to family.

Beautiful! The "lights" look like they are glowing.

Liam enjoys playing indoors.

Uh huh...yeah right.

Liam gives bowling a try.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once again...

...I find myself with very little time to post about how much my son amazes me, the things he does every day, his ideas and thoughts and how he presents them...I want to share them with everyone, but never find the time to post here until Maia turns another month older and I am posting all of her pictures. And I feel the need to publish Liam's pictures. But I am left with virtually no time to talk about him. And (I've said it before) it's hard to go into detail about Liam. Maia is constantly changing in big ways and doing new things that are easy to explain. Liam...his changes are more it's harder to get across to others just why it is so awesome to us, his parents.

And now my explanation has taken up even more precious time. It's already over two hours past my bedtime, so I am just going to caption these few pictures quickly and try yet again to make myself post about Liam more often.

Liam was helping me gather up puzzle pieces to put away and called my attention to these specific letters he had separated out. This was about a month ago, and it was the first time I found out that he knew what the vowels were.

We attended an SCA event (River Wars) with a playground and it's our favorite because of all the cool wooden structures to play on. Liam really likes the castle (though later it became the scene of a pine cone battle that ended when Liam was pegged in the face and then repeatedly on his body while he was crying about it...I did NOT hold back with the scolding of the errant children).

Liam LOVES playing with his sister Maia and begged to push her in the swing.

He also wanted her to climb into every structure with him.

Later we made several medieval toys - Liam made Thor's Hammer

More hanging out with Maia. They like sitting in chairs together (except when Maia doesn't).

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my children. Liam is sharing a water ice with Maia at the Westampton Emergency Services Open House at our local fire station.

Liam enjoyed being silly with one of his good friends, Papi

Liam successfully fed Maia her lunch one day, when I just needed to get some work done.

I love it when I can use my kids for cheap manual labor. Liam was actually very happy to help drag things around.

Liam is VERY good with his sister (although he can get too exuberant and sometimes torments her a bit)

Liam picked out his shirt himself, while Matt picked out Maia's shirt in the other room. Totally not planned. But cute.

Liam is always rearranging the kid furniture in the living room and creating things like pirate ships and houses and, in this case, ice cream trucks.

He and Maia are driving the ice cream truck together.

Liam loves being in pictures with Maia. He tends to jump into them when I am just trying to get Maia (but to be fair, I am always taking more pictures of Maia than him, so he has a right to jump into a few of them...shame on me).

That's it. Way less than Maia. I DEFINITELY need to take more of him, and post updates about him way more often. Bad mommy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

End of Summer Fun

Liam had a busy summer. Here are a few more pictures to finish off the end of it. 

The second half of Liam's Pennsic trip was spent at Aunt Dawn and Uncle Greg's house and we finally got some cool pictures from that part of the trip (which he LOVED, and which he wants to do again).

Here is he working on making weather icons after putting together a map puzzle

Liam found a strange bug to study

OMG, Spider Man, Iron Man, and Captain America are at the equator!

Reading with Dawn is always fun

Liam also loves to go to SCA events with us. Recently we went to Lakewood Ren Faire, which is always a great event to go to in the fall. Laid back and relaxing, and plenty room for a growing boy to run around swinging a sword.

Of course, there is always a trip to the playground

He also spent some time drawing, which is a favorite pastime of his.

He likes chilling with his sister (most of the time)

I decided to let him get his face painted. He originally wanted the Joker...until he saw the yellow skeleton face pictured in the examples...

Lord Ian does a pretty good job, doesn't he.

His first homework assignment in Kindergarten was to fill out his "All About Me Tee" for his sharing day.

And, being a boy...he LOVES being silly. Luckily Maia is happy to go along with that (most of the time).

And what would a Liam post be without a pirate picture. He realized that wearing this robe with these pajamas made him extra pirate-y. Heh. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Liam is now a Kindergartner! I can't believe it. How did the time fly by so fast? Wasn't it just last week that he was toddling around in a clumsy fashion, giving out slobbery kisses? *sigh* Apparently not.

 Liam is all set for school...he's excited

He's happy to be going to his "big school"

He waits in line without a worry (though after a while, not much patience...I seriously considering looking for some duct tape)

Eventually, though, his teacher arrived to take the class inside

On his way in, Liam was actually giggling in excitement, which thrilled me and put me at ease

This is a shot of Liam's classroom yet untouched by students)

And this is for my Liam, as he begins this new chapter of his life

Saturday, September 8, 2012


That's right. I took Liam to a Phillies game last night. And the tailgate before it. My parents have been trying to get me to a tailgate and game for a while and I have just been too busy. And lately they have been wanting to take Liam, so finally I made it work. Liam was pretty good for it, and aside from a little bit of boredom in the beginning (before Katie arrive to play with), he was happy to be there.

(yes, he's sitting on her lap...and she's older than I need to keep an eye on her. Heh)